Class FAQs

Got a question about our classes?

Do I need to be super fit to take part?

No not at all, but you do need to be prepared for a challenge! Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and sizes. Our trainers will ensure that no one feels out of their depth, and that you are always given exercise options suitable for your level.

What happens in a normal class?

There really isn’t such a thing as a ‘normal’ class. Each hour long workout is designed specifically to improve your stamina, agility, speed, strength and coordination in a fun and challenging way. Each Zone trainer will bring something different to every class, meaning that our members are always pushed and inspired and are never left feeling bored!

Do I need my Doctor’s consent to take part in a class?

You will need to complete and sign our short health questionnaire (part of any free trial or membership registration process). If you answer Yes to any question on this questionnaire, or are pregnant, you will need to check with your Doctor before starting any of our classes or bootcamps.

What should I wear?

Anything you don’t mind getting muddy – our sessions often involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get a little bit dirty! The only thing we do recommend is that you wear a decent pair of supportive trainers or trail running shoes. Layering is also a good idea – especially in the winter months when you will need some warmer layers to put on after the session.

Where can I put my valuables?

Please try to avoid bringing valuables and bags etc to the classes as we cannot guarantee their safety and security during the sessions. 

How much do your memberships cost?

For all our class membership prices click here.

Once I’ve signed up as a member do I need to book my classes ahead?

Once you’ve signed up there is no need to book classes ahead, we want to give you as much flexibility as possible so all you need to do is turn up 5 minutes before each class ready to go!

What happens if it is raining/snowing/boiling hot?

Come rain or shine, Zone classes will still take place – battling against the elements is something which we think makes our classes even more challenging and exciting so why would we let a little bit of rain put us off?!

Don’t see the answer to your question here, then email us at [email protected] or call 01223 528673.

Class Timetable

Join us today for a Zone class at Jesus Green in the heart of Cambridge city centre.

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Personal Training

Zone Personal Training in Cambridge is all about helping you train to your full potential and achieve your fitness goals at a time and place to suit you.

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Set in the heart of historical Cambridge our Ultimate Zone weekend retreats are the perfect way to kick start a fitness regime, rejuvenate the body and refocus the mind.

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Getting in the zone starts with looking closely at what you eat and why you eat it as well as when and how.

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We have a Zone Membership for everyone with no minimum contract or joining fee, and don't forget you can try your first class for FREE!

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Our Team

As well as a passion for outdoor fitness, all our trainers have their own area of specialism.

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The solution to re-invigorating your workout is literally right on your doorstep: the great outdoors! Exercising outdoors is proven to be much better for you than the monotony of working out in the gym. Battling against a varied terrain and unpredictable elements is both challenging and inspiring and means that exercisers will burn up to 30% more calories per session than in a gym.

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Getting in the zone starts with looking closely at what you eat and why you eat it as well as when and how. The Zone one to one nutrition consultations and follow ups, ensure that you will be able to sustain good eating habits with practical recommendations to help you improve the way you eat and achieve your health and nutrition goals. Read more


Knowing that all your hard work is paying off is always going to help make any goal seem more achievable. Fitness testing isn’t only for athlete and doesn’t have to be scary. At the Zone, we integrate simple and fun fitness tests and challenges in to our classes each month, to ensure that you stay motivated and focused and to make sure your goals can be measured and amended when necessary.

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Once you have your fitness test results or are beginning to see changes to your shape or fitness level, you need to review and revise your goals accordingly. Reviewing your goals and analyzing fitness test results can help create motivation and drive when you see the results of all your hard work. Our mission is know every Zone member’s individual goals and to feedback and help them review and revise these goals when necessary. Read more