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We understand that mums-to-be, new mums and those with young children, want to stay as fit and healthy as possible despite a hectic lifestyle. If you are looking for a new, fun fitness class in Cambridge, then Zone is the answer. Below you can find out all about our ‘Bring the Kids Along’ classes and our specialist Pre & Post Natal exercise classes and personal training in Cambridge.

Whether you are pregnant, have just had a baby, or need a fitness regime to fit around toddlers and school drop offs then Zone is the perfect start. Join us on Jesus Green in the heart of Cambridge, and get fit, tone up and enjoy meeting other mums in a fun and relaxed environment.

You can also bring along your baby, toddler or children and they can have fun together whilst you get fit, in a safe and friendly environment. Please feel free to bring children, tots and prams along to the classes marked with a star on our timetable HERE.

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Exercising whilst pregnant and after having a baby can have great benefits, including not only a great feel-good factor, but also faster post-natal recovery.

At Zone, we understand that mums to be and new mums, want to stay as fit and healthy as possible, and therefore we have designed specific classes and a set of unique programs to ensure you are doing what is best for your body and baby.

Our Zone Circuit classes always welcome new mums and those who are pregnant but we also run a selection of classes suitable for those who are pregnant, have just had a baby, or who just prefer to take things ever so slightly easier filled with lots of lower impact options yet still promising to work you hard! Our classes help you feel great during your pregnancy, keep you energised and also build strength for labour and once you have your new arrival, you are more than welcome to bring the pram along. Come along and join us on Jesus Green in Cambridge and meet other mums whilst getting fit – we guarantee you’ll leave feeling fit, refreshed and energised. Don’t forget your first class is FREE so visit our timetable HERE, look for the classes with stars next to them and come and try a session today.  


Ante & Post Natal Personal Training in Cambridge

Our head trainer Lisa Charnley specialises in Ante & Post Natal fitness training as well as teaching all the ‘Bring the Kids Along’ classes, and now offers specialist Ante or Post Natal Personal Training in and around Cambridge.

Sessions can take place at your home, work or local park, at a time to suit you and can be an hour long or 30 minutes for those short of time. Working with you, Lisa will devise a bespoke fitness programme to ensure you can safely stay fit and healthy during pregnancy or achieve your fitness goals post baby.

Lisa can even train small groups too, so why not get together with a few friends once a week for a fun, social and cost effective option.



For a taste of what an Ante Natal Personal Training session with Lisa might be like, or to get some hints and tips on how to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy, click the image to the left to read a ‘My Pregnancy Fitness’ blog written by Zone member Nicolle Halksworth.

In the blog, Nicolle details the highs and lows of her pregnancy and how she is determined to stay fit and healthy with classes and training sessions.



If you have just found out you are having a baby and want to keep exercising or want to return to fitness after having a baby and have some questions or concerns, or just want more information about our ‘Bring the Kids Along’ sessions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call Lisa on 01223 528673.


The solution to re-invigorating your workout is literally right on your doorstep: the great outdoors! Exercising outdoors is proven to be much better for you than the monotony of working out in the gym. Battling against a varied terrain and unpredictable elements is both challenging and inspiring and means that exercisers will burn up to 30% more calories per session than in a gym.

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Getting in the zone starts with looking closely at what you eat and why you eat it as well as when and how. The Zone one to one nutrition consultations and follow ups, ensure that you will be able to sustain good eating habits with practical recommendations to help you improve the way you eat and achieve your health and nutrition goals. Read more


Knowing that all your hard work is paying off is always going to help make any goal seem more achievable. Fitness testing isn’t only for athlete and doesn’t have to be scary. At the Zone, we integrate simple and fun fitness tests and challenges in to our classes each month, to ensure that you stay motivated and focused and to make sure your goals can be measured and amended when necessary.

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Once you have your fitness test results or are beginning to see changes to your shape or fitness level, you need to review and revise your goals accordingly. Reviewing your goals and analyzing fitness test results can help create motivation and drive when you see the results of all your hard work. Our mission is know every Zone member’s individual goals and to feedback and help them review and revise these goals when necessary. Read more