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July 2016

This year we hosted three ‘Yoga in the Park’ sessions under the instruction of Rosanna Gordon from Rosanna Yoga. Click here to view the photos from the awesome sessions.



September 2013

This week head trainer, Lisa Charnley, took part in the Big Tuesday Debate on BBC Cambridgeshire’s Jeremy Sallis show. The discussion centred around whether fitness or nutrition could solely help you lose weight or whether you needed a combination of the two for longterm results. Click below to hear the full debate:

April 2013

This month, head trainer Lisa Charnley, spoke to the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) about the bast ways to keep fit and stay healthy during and after pregnancy. Lisa is a Pre and Post Natal specialist Personal Trainer and offers in home or outdoor personal training sessions. Check out the full article here:

February 2013

Zone Outdoor Fitness were hugely excited to feature on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Jeremy Sallis show on Wednesday 20th February, as part of ‘Workplace Wednesday’s’. Listen to the full interview below:

December 2012

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Zone Trainer really involves? Check out Zone Director, Lisa Charnley’s, ‘Working Day’ in the Cambridge Evening News (click the image to read the full article):


November 2012

Check out Zone Director, Lisa Charnley, talking about the benefits of exercising outdoors and all things Zone on Star Radio’s Health & Fitness show below:

Zone on Star Radio Health & Fitness Show by Zone Outdoor Fitness

October 2012

Explorer magazine journalist, Holly Willis, spoke to Zone’s Director & Head Trainer, Lisa Charnley, about starting up a new business and the pleasures of teaching outdoors in Cambridge.

“Cambridge has such beautiful outdoor spaces, including Jesus Green where we currently run classes, and I can’t think of anywhere more beautiful to take part in a fitness class (even in the rain!)” says Lisa.

Check out the full interview by clicking below:

July 2012

A few weeks ago we challenged Paul Holland, Editor of Cambridge Evening News to an early morning Zone Class on Jesus Green.

“The intense workout offered by Zone Outdoor Fitness was a revelation and a real joy.” says Paul, “If you are concerned about the whole ‘outdoor fitness’, which seems to have grown from military-style boot camps, then this needn’t worry you. Lisa Charnley, instructor and director, is far removed from the drill sergeant stereotype – and Jesus Green is no parade ground. The intense, hour-long session was a wonderful experience.”

Check out the full article by clicking below:



June 2012

Check out our amazing review in Velvet Magazine this month, by clicking the image below. We were thrilled to put Velvet’s Georgie through her paces at one of our Zone classes on Jesus Green last month.

“I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a fitness session so much.” says Georgie, “Enabling us to get outdoors and enjoy the enthralling fresh air and lively vibe of Cambridge city centre, Zone’s impressive ethos and passion for fitness was simply infectious.”

Check out the full article below:

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The solution to re-invigorating your workout is literally right on your doorstep: the great outdoors! Exercising outdoors is proven to be much better for you than the monotony of working out in the gym. Battling against a varied terrain and unpredictable elements is both challenging and inspiring and means that exercisers will burn up to 30% more calories per session than in a gym.

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Getting in the zone starts with looking closely at what you eat and why you eat it as well as when and how. The Zone one to one nutrition consultations and follow ups, ensure that you will be able to sustain good eating habits with practical recommendations to help you improve the way you eat and achieve your health and nutrition goals. Read more


Knowing that all your hard work is paying off is always going to help make any goal seem more achievable. Fitness testing isn’t only for athlete and doesn’t have to be scary. At the Zone, we integrate simple and fun fitness tests and challenges in to our classes each month, to ensure that you stay motivated and focused and to make sure your goals can be measured and amended when necessary.

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Once you have your fitness test results or are beginning to see changes to your shape or fitness level, you need to review and revise your goals accordingly. Reviewing your goals and analyzing fitness test results can help create motivation and drive when you see the results of all your hard work. Our mission is know every Zone member’s individual goals and to feedback and help them review and revise these goals when necessary. Read more