Blast Classes

Our new Blast Class promises to be one of the best calorie burning workouts in Cambridge.


These fast paced sessions combine bodyweight conditioning with high energy interval training and short recovery periods to help you increase your fitness endurance, burn fat and tone and all in only 30 minutes. A mix of cross fit, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and circuits, these ‘over before you know it’ sessions are perfect for those who with hectic lifestyles who want an intense but fast workout.

If you want to burn fat and tone up fast – this is the class for you.

Super fast paced bursts of cardio and conditioning. Push your body to the limit and you’ll see and feel the results in no time.

Perfect for those with hectic lifestyles, looking to get in a highly effective but quick workout before their day begins.

Sessions are equally suitable for fitness fanatics and those just starting out – you’ll be encouraged to work at your own individual pace and higher/lower impact options for exercises are always offered.