We have a Zone Membership for everyone with no minimum contract or joining fee, and don't forget you can try your first class for FREE!

**Please note we are currently updating our website and payment system so please get in touch via email if you’d like to join in the meantime**

Pay Monthly

No minimum contract or joining fee!

The option most of our members choose; allowing you either to attend as many classes as you like each month, on any of our venues, at any time or to attend one class per week on any venue of your choice.

Our Joint ‘Buddy’ Membership encourages you to sign up with a friend, partner or flatmate and allows you both to attend Unlimited Classes each month. Please note that both parties will need to sign up and must sign up within 10 days of one-another. Buddy Membership rates only apply whilst you are both members.

Our student membership allows you to attend as many classes as you like each week for only £25 a month. A valid NUS card must be shown at your first class.

Membership payments are taken automatically each month unless you notify us to stop them.

Unlimited Classes:                 £42.00 per month

1 Class A Week:                     £32.00 per month

Joint ‘Buddy’ Membership:   £37.00 per month each

Student Membership:            £25.00 per month


For the occasional user we offer a pay-as-you-go scheme enabling you to purchase a block of 10 classes in advance, to be used whenever and wherever you like.

10 Drop In Classes:             £100.00

5 Drop In Classes:               £50.00

Please note that pay-as-you-go sessions are to be used within 6 months of purchase.



Why Become A Member?

  • Exercising outdoors is proven to improve  mood, energy and self esteem meaning a Zone class will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, stress free…and most of all healthy!
  • Our Zone trainers are some of the most experienced trainers around, each has their own area of specialism or expertise and will help every Zone class feel like your own personla training session.
  • Zone classes and bootcamps are the perfect place to meet and socialise with like-minded people – and Zone social events are always high on the priority list after a hard workout in the park!
  • Every Zone member is made to feel valued, supported and part of a team. Your fitness and wellbeing goals are our mission, and our aim is to help you achieve them, no matter what they are.

For more information about any of our services, contact us at [email protected]

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The solution to re-invigorating your workout is literally right on your doorstep: the great outdoors! Exercising outdoors is proven to be much better for you than the monotony of working out in the gym. Battling against a varied terrain and unpredictable elements is both challenging and inspiring and means that exercisers will burn up to 30% more calories per session than in a gym.

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Getting in the zone starts with looking closely at what you eat and why you eat it as well as when and how. The Zone one to one nutrition consultations and follow ups, ensure that you will be able to sustain good eating habits with practical recommendations to help you improve the way you eat and achieve your health and nutrition goals. Read more


Knowing that all your hard work is paying off is always going to help make any goal seem more achievable. Fitness testing isn’t only for athlete and doesn’t have to be scary. At the Zone, we integrate simple and fun fitness tests and challenges in to our classes each month, to ensure that you stay motivated and focused and to make sure your goals can be measured and amended when necessary.

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Once you have your fitness test results or are beginning to see changes to your shape or fitness level, you need to review and revise your goals accordingly. Reviewing your goals and analyzing fitness test results can help create motivation and drive when you see the results of all your hard work. Our mission is know every Zone member’s individual goals and to feedback and help them review and revise these goals when necessary. Read more