Please see below for our client agreement for attending Zone classes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pre Session Guidelines

When you arrive at classes participants must keep a minimum of 2 m gap between one another. This includes laying bikes down at a safe distance away. Please protect others by adhering to the social distancing rule at all times.

Please take your mat, drink and any other belongings and immediately find a cone (cones will be spaced out more than 2m apart) to stand at. This will be your base for the entire session.

If you need to take outer layers of clothing off during the session, these need to be kept on your own mat for the entire session.

Any phones or car keys must also be kept with you at all times, and no personal items should be handed to the instructor or to other members of the class.

Please DO NOT attend class if you have a cough, sore throat or fever, or you have been in contact with someone who has been unwell in the last 7 days. The instructor will give a pre-session briefing at every class to ensure all participants understand the social distancing rules.

Guidelines During the Sessions

Please ensure you follow these guidelines throughout the session. Please keep class chatter to a minimum during this time to ensure you can hear instruction at all time.

Please return only to your cone to rest/drink during the class.

You will have no physical contact with other participants or with the trainer and no equipment will be used during our sessions.

Post Session Guidelines

Your instructor will ask you to follow our guidelines at the end of ever session. Please do not gather around after a class. Please gather your belongings (leave your cone in it’s place) and please head home alone, continuing to follow the social distancing rules.

We know you are all friends, but it is so important we all follow these guidelines, and thank you for your support in following them. We will get through this together!